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Hybrid meeting rooms


Audit Scotland aimed to upgrade the main meeting rooms in their Edinburgh office to accommodate modern hybrid meeting capabilities. Their existing systems were outdated and inadequate for such purposes. The brief specified the need to design systems for two separate meeting rooms that could function individually for hybrid meetings but could also combine into a larger hybrid meeting space when needed. Additionally, the larger space needed to operate as a town hall area, featuring tables with localized microphone pickup.

Audio Light Systems designed a comprehensive solution meeting all these requirements while ensuring ease of use. To ensure the stakeholders had a clear understanding of the proposed solution, they were invited to the AV Hub in Edinburgh. This allowed them to experience the technology firsthand.

The final design incorporated:

  • Biamp for audio and control systems
  • Yealink for conferencing and hybrid meeting elements
  • Audio Technica for the town hall operation, ensuring effective localized microphone pickup.

This integration of systems provided a versatile and user-friendly setup, capable of supporting both hybrid and town hall meeting formats efficiently.