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A company built on reputation. If you need a small church sound & lighting system or a full theatre with cinema and exhibition space Audio Light Systems are known for quality and exacting standards.

We are an NICEIC electrical contractor, CAI approved, APUC approved, Extron Pro certified, Crestron certified, Xicato, ETC, Ampetronic Certified…… the list goes on


Installation staff are certified – SSSTS, ECS (Electrical CSCS), First Aid, Asbestos awareness, PASMA & IPAF.

Audio Light Systems ltd use Citation Health and safety management systems, WEEE disposal procedures and staff training programs.


Providing a wide range of disciplines from Integrated audio-visual control systems through to theatre rigging we have it covered.

This delivers true system integration, reduces overlaps and true system compatibility, saving time, effort and cost.


Since 2004 Audio Light Systems, based in Edinburgh, Scotland, have been providing system solutions for satisfied clients and contractors. So much so that 80% of our work is repeat business or by recommendation.

Engineers & technicians have constant training and equipment reviews to ensure we use the most relevant information to add to existing experience.

In-house manufacture & build

With over 3000 square feet of workshops we are able to take delivery, build & test in-house before systems get to site. This saves time & cost as well as reducing waste on site.

Full turnkey solution

If you are looking to carry out a refurbishment or renewal of your meeting room, events space or conference space Audio Light Systems can be the main contractor providing all trades. We are an experienced contractor following all CDM requirements. This includes Architectural services, interior design, builders works, M&E, decorating, flooring, suspended ceilings, acoustic treatment, furniture & of course lighting, AV, network

What we do

System integration

Control protocols

  • LAN/ IP
  • Bluetooth Mesh
  • RS232/485
  • Contact closure
  • DMX
  • DALI
  • 0-10v
  • DSI

Control interface

  • Touch screen 
  • tablet/ mobile app
  • Button panel 
  • switch panels
  • Dimmer/ fade
  • PC/ Mac app

Control systems

  • Extron
  • Xicato
  • Yamaha
  • Crestron
  • ETC lighting

Systems that can be controlled

  • Lighting
  • Audio Visual
  • General automation
  • Heating
  • Blinds & drapes
  • IP based systems

Audio Visual

LED Walls & screens, video walls & projectors

  • Large format LED Walls
  • Bespoke LED systems
  • Rear/ Front projection
  • Electric & manual Projector screens including acoustically transparent & clear
  • Small format, Laser & cinema projector systems
  • Stand alone video walls including content management

Control systems

  • Extron control
  • Crestron control
  • QSC control
  • Biamp control
  • Full audio-visual system integration
  • Wireless control
  • 8k, 4k and HD video distribution and management

Meeting rooms, Board rooms and conference systems

  • Meeting room solutions
  • Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) solutions
  • Zoom & Google Meet
  • Bring your own device (BYOD) solutions
  • Professional Video Conference Codecs & cameras
  • Video Conference & Audio Visual systems integration
  • Wired & wireless audio table top conference systems

Largescale AV signal distribution

  • Multi format matrix video systems
  • Building wide live video streaming
  • HDBase-t, IPTV & digital signage solutions

Interactive systems

  • Interactive touchscreens & smartboards
  • Near Field Communication
  • Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality & Mixer Reality
  • Data information systems via Blue Tooth Mesh
  • Kiosk touch screen information points

Digital signage & IPTV

  • Building wide digital signage
  • Building wide IPTV
  • Hospitality TV systems
  • Content creation & management
  • Systems monitoring

Wireless AV technologies

  • Wireless signal transition
  • Wireless control & monitoring

Commercial Lighting

Bluetooth Mesh, DALI, DSI, 0-10v, DMX

  • Systems integration
  • Control Protocol conversion
  • Wireless & iPad lighting control
  • Systems automation

Leading & trailing edge dimming

  • Multi-channel dimming system
  • Switch mode dimmers

Architectural lighting indoor & outdoor

  • Commercial building wide lighting
  • Duel white colour temperature systems
  • Full colour & white LED
  • IP rated outdoor fittings
  • LED & Fibre optic solutions
  • 0 – 100% Dim LED drivers

Architainment lighting

  • Building frontage lighting
  • Indoor & outdoor feature lighting
  • Underwater lighting

Display cabinet lighting

  • High quality cabinet LED & fibreoptic fittings
  • Wireless lighting control per fitting
  • 0 – 100% Dim LED drivers

Commercial audio, PA, TV, assistive listening and communications

Public address systems (PA, Tannoy or paging)

  • Building wide public address, paging or Tannoy systems
  • Systems integration & control
  • Digital programable systems
  • Outdoor & indoor speakers

Fire EVAC – BS & EN standard

  • Full Fire evacuation public address systems
  • Battery backup and control
  • Induction loop integration
  • Systems monitoring

Induction loop systems & other hearing assistive systems

  • Induction loops
  • Low spill induction loops
  • Infrared assistive hearing systems
  • Radio assistive hearing systems
  • WIFI mobile device systems
  • Soundfield systems

Background & foreground music & video

  • Building wide or small-scale music systems
  • High quality audio
  • Subscription audio services
  • Live music integration
  • Music video integration
  • Sky & streaming services

TV/Sat/Cable distribution IRS & FIRS – CAI member

  • TV/Sat/DAB Cable distribution
  • TV – IRS – Integrated reception system
  • TV – FIRS – Fibre Integrated reception system
  • Antenna, satellite & DAB antennas
  • IPTV systems integration


  • High Definition CCTV
  • PTZ cameras
  • Systems link to TV & AV systems
  • Wireless control & monitoring

Refuge systems

  • Toilet alarm systems
  • Disabled refuge systems


  • Wired building wide clock systems
  • Wireless building wide clock system


  • Swimming pool beacon systems and underwater sound

 Venue & TV studio systems

Professional stage sound systems

  • Point source audio
  • Line array audio
  • Dolby Cinema audio
  • Monitor systems
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Mixing consoles
  • Radio microphones

Professional production stage lighting

  • LED stage lighting
  • Tungsten stage lighting
  • Control systems including wireless DMX
  • Dimmers & distribution
  • Lighting desks

Venue screens including professional cinema systems including “Hollywood systems”

  • DCI projector systems
  • Full LED video walls
  • Large screen projector systems
  • Large projector screens

Venue house & working lights

  • True 0 – 100% dimmed LED systems
  • Wireless DMX
  • Bluetooth Mesh control
  • Working lights & Blues
  • Bespoke rigged fittings

Theatre systems – Q-light, Ring intercom & show relay

  • Wireless & wired ring intercom
  • Wireless & wired Cue light
  • Video & audio show relay
  • Bar bells
  • Paging override
  • Multi zone systems

Assistive listening systems

  • Induction loops
  • Low spill induction loops
  • Infrared assistive hearing systems
  • Radio assistive hearing systems
  • WIFI mobile device systems

Stage rigging, lighting bars & truss

  • Internally wired lighting bars
  • Internally wired ladder beams
  • Truss & truss winch systems
  • Chain hoists
  • Winch and pully systems
  • Counter weight systems
  • Staging
  • Tension wire grids
  • Curtain track and drapes
  • Studio rail and pantographs
  • Lighting grids
  • Load testing
  • Flying, hanging & mounting solutions

Infrastructure only systems

  • Specialist venue cable infrastructures
  • Facility panels
  • Production lighting boxes
  • Racks and cable management
  • Patch panels


Electrical – NICEIC registered

  • All electrical works covered by NICEIC regulations & guidelines
  • Audio Light Systems works independently monitored
  • All works carried out by suitably qualified personnel

Lighting & Electrical systems

  • Building wide containment and wiring
  • Lighting systems wiring and control wiring

Power distribution

  • Distribution boards
  • RCD systems
  • Low voltage

Testing & inspection

  • NICEIC certification
  • Fault reporting

System control

  • Wireless control
  • System monitoring
  • Wall mount touch screen and button panels