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The University of Kent unveiled their newest college at their Canterbury campus. The Virgina Woolf College includes a large lecture theatre and seminar rooms. Audio Light Systems provided the Crestron control system in the lecture theatre and the Novara programming in the seminar rooms. The Crestron system controls three projectors, the audio mixer matrix, the 16×16 RGBHV via a LAN as well as 2 dome cameras and the lights via RS-485 and a DVD/VHS player via IR. The lecturer has access to basic control via Smart DT770 17″ touch panel integrated into the Crestron setup. This also allows the lecturer to ‘draw’ on their PC screen. For more in depth control a TPS-12G-QM is located at the back of the theatre in the control room. This allows level control of the audio mixer matrix as well as low level routing on the RGBHV matrix.

In the seminar rooms, the eight button Novara panels allow control of the projector, electric screen and presentation switcher. The panel also controls the room join routing and equipment control in two of the rooms.

dscf1823 dscf1827

Specification of the system
Crestron AV2