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Audio Light Systems Ltd won the contract to fit-out and supply the loose equipment for the theatre space in the Mulberry and Bigland Green Centre, London. The design was driven by Theatre Consultancy Theatreplan.

The Mulberry and Bigland Green Centre provides professional theatre facilities for use by both Mulberry School for Girls and Bigland Green Primary school as well as being available for professional hire. Because of the variety of users the theatre systems had to be flexible & versatile and to allow for ease of use for all.

Building a theatre around a tension wire grid is an excellent solution as it gives real hands-on experience and cuts down the requirement for high level access and allows for fast re-rigging.

As well as 96 ways of Strand Wallrack dimming an EM Acoustic audio system provides the high end sound quality that not only produces great results but also adds to the reliability of the overall system cementing the theatres reputation of being the place to be.

“This is a really nice performance space which is obviously well designed” Steve Aitchison, Senior Project Engineer, Audio Light Systems ltd