Balerno Parish Church Edinburgh

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Consultation & Installation


Balerno Parish Church

Specialist design

Audio Light Systems

M&E Consultant


Contracted to

Balerno Parish Church


CRGP Limited




Production audio, architectural lighting, recording systems & projector system

Consultation & Installation

Balerno Parish Church were looking for new lighting system with a traditional feel. Audio Lighting systems provided the complete solution for lighting the church. Lighting the ceiling to show off its architectural features was a must in 200 year old church. The solution included up & downlighting pendant luminaires with a bronze finish, along with wall mounted units of a similar pattern, to provide even lighting for all the congregation, with an emphasis for the lectern and pulpit areas. A bespoke “event” lighting system was also installed, controllable from the sound control position for live music and similar one-off situations.

Along with the lighting, Audio Light Systems also provided the full technical infrastructure, including the audio, projector and a PC based video & audio recording systems.