Queen Mary University- The Peoples Palace

Project type

Installation, programming and commissioning



Specialist design


M&E Consultant


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Framework agreement





Audio and AV System infrastructure and equipment installation. Production & House Light control system. Production lighting bars. Paging, show relay and ring intercom system. Fibre optic tie-lines.

Installation, programming and commissioning

With one of our most sophisticated house light control systems to date, the Peoples Palace required full control over it multitude of lighting circuits from 4 points. Four ETC bespoke panels with touchscreens, backlit buttons and faders give the user a powerful tool to adjust states, change and record presets, switch blue and white workers from each location. ETC Sensor for the Production lighting sit alongside ETC DRd’s taking charge of the whites and house lights.

Along with a 2 zone paging and BGM system, the extensive comms infrastructure allows the university to adapt the building for all manner of complex uses including lectures, exams and theatre productions.

A spectacular historic building with a stage size and spec to rival any in the East End of London.