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Audio Light Systems have replaced the aging conference microphones in the Queen Mother Conference Centre. The new system comprises of an Allen & Heath iDR8 digital signal processor and iDR-In audio expander. This allows the technicians greater control of each microphone around the audience seating as well as the lectern and top table microphones.

The system was tied into the Creston control system; this meant that when an audience member selected a microphone to speak the conference centre cameras would automatically pan to pick up that position. The Crestron System also prevents more than one audience microphone to be on at any one time.

Audio Light Systems have replaced the aging conference microphone system in the Sir John Crofton Room with Sennheiser e 912 boundary microphones. As part of the improvements a Soundcraft EFX12 audio desk and Australian Monitor 100 volt line amplifier were installed giving better audio quality into the room as well as onto the Tandberg video conferencing system.