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Crestron controlled DALI dimming lighting system

The QM Lecture theatre lighting system was using a basic analogue Triac dimmer to control the fluorescent light levels. In order to overcome the vast differences in light level at different point up the seating a system with a vastly improved advanced control system was deemed necessary.

The QM Lecture theatre is equipped with Crestron control system used to manipulate the impressive AV, Audio & Video conferencing systems. The user interfaces are Crestron touchscreen located on the lectern and n the Projection/control room. The lighting system was design around this interface so all technical facilities of the theatre can be controlled through the user friendly touchscreens with faders and presets buttons as desired.

A DALI system was installed to replace the old analogue system due to it flexibility and ability to address and thus control each of the 54 ballasts individually if required. DALI control came via an Ilight SCMD6400, a compact din-rail mountable unit with the facility to switch 230V contactors and control up to 64 individual DALI ballasts.

The room was divided into 6 power and control circuits. Each circuit was protected with and MCB and contained a varying number of fittings that had similar heights from the floor level. This allowed for simple light level set up as each row of luminaries’ could be set at the same output levels once addressing was complete.

As a backup, which is necessary for a facility that carries out large scale VC seminars with high profile clients around the globe, a 4 preset button system sitting on the Ican network was installed. This allows for full control over the lighting in the unlikely event of the Crestron control system failing.

The new system now has a much higher maximum light output giving the users the flexibility for any requirements that is deemed necessary. The DALI system allowed engineers to set an even light level right across the theatre stage and seating areas, which due to the vastly different heights from floor to luminars is a real testament to the systems capabilities and functionality.