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Phase one of the Colleges upgrade is now complete with the installation of an Extron XTP system in the great Hall & New Library. The ornate listed interior is over 300 years old and great care had to be taken to preserve not just the fabric of the building but also the feel and nature of the space. The main tab-tensioned projector screen was mounted on a winch system above the elaborate pillars and high level statues. When the screen is retracted it is near invisible and does not retract from the venue when used for weddings & corporate events etc. A the heart of the systems is an Extron XTP modular matrix. This not only handles all the high definition inputs and outputs in the space it also links the New Library and soon the main conference centre together creating a single collaboration space for hundreds of delegates. All this controlled by one technician – true systems integration. The projector system in the New library was a particular challenge due to the lack of a standard location for a projector. A Panasonic EW range projector was selected to give the 35 degree off access capability needed to hide the projector in the delicate environment. “The guys at ALS are just good at these type of projects and always produce ends result that at first glance seem impossible, that why we use them” Davie Blackie Senior Audio Visual Technician Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh