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Audio Light Systems has recently completed the AV and lighting installation as part of a complete renovation of the Victoria and Albert Museum’s Lydia and Manfred Gorvy Lecture Theatre.

The video installation comprised a Kramer VP-725xl presentation scaler, fed by a local vga plug in point in the control room, along with a Kramer TP-121/TP-122 vga cat5 Tx/Rx allowing a laptop to be plugged into the cat5 network and a Yamaha blu-ray player. The scaled output is routed to a Christie Digital DHD-670-E high definition projector, projecting onto a 7m electric screen.

The sound system was replaced with a pair of QSC-ADS282H speakers powered by a QSC PLX1804 amplifier. The audio can be routed via tie lines in floor boxes on the stage or via the cat5 network via the Yamaha SB168-ES stage box into the Yamaha LS9 digital mixing console with a MY16-ES64 interface card.

The lighting is controlled using a Strand Classic Palette II 250 console and a Strand 24 way wall rack. Audio Light Systems also installed a Doughty curved lighting bar and two side bars. Selecon Fresnel, HUI and Zoomspots complete the lighting package.

The whole system is controlled via a Crestron CP2e processor and a Crestron TPSI-6X wireless touch panel. Audio Light Systems also supplied and programmed two Apple iTouchs to give the AV department basic control.

“We were given an explanation of the lecture theatres current use and what they would like to be able to do in the future” says Stephen Dishon. “We had to balance between being able to quickly set the theatre up for everyday events, whilst also having the ability to do more complex shows. The design and the ease of use of the equipment allowed us to do this”