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Audio light systems have recently completed the upgrade of paging facilities at the Chivas Brothers Blending and bottling Plant, Newbridge Edinburgh.

The original system had been in place for approximately10 years but due to expansion of the loudspeaker system, carried out by Audio Light Systems a couple of years ago, the amplifiers were running at maximum capacity.

Each of the 5 zones within the factory has an Australian Monitor DCM 500W 100V line amplifier with a zone volume control to set the overall level of the background music, in this case either CD or DAB radio. Paging from the reception microphone, telephone interface or digital messages overrides any local and remote volume controls within the system, ensuring clear paging calls above the ambient noise levels associated with this type of environment.

The system allows for digital messaging for start and finish times for the bottling hall as well as First aid calls to all 5 zones covering the entire factory complex.

Programming within the Application Solutions VAR 8 matrix control unit allows for the level of background music to drop when the shift has finished for the day and automatically rises the next morning prior to the start of shift.

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