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Production sound & lighting, AV, system integration & commercial lighting


Chalmers Church have completed the restoration of their 1838 church situated in the Morningside area of Edinburgh. The main church Nave and Transepts have been updated including restoring, repairing & renewing the ornate interiors & main structure.

Audio Light Systems were engaged to design, supply & install all the technical systems within the church making it suitable for the multiuse and live music space now required.

The outcome is an excellent example of a modern church giving a contemporary feel to a 19th century environment.

The lighting system including the commercial down lights are WDMX & DMX control. The advantages with a full DMX system are dimming and control is available throughout which produces a quality of production from one location.

The main fittings are Cri95+, this is incredibly important quality lighting for streaming & showing the interior of the church at its best.

Internally Wired Lighting Bars (IWBs) consist of FOH, Stage, Cyc & Booms with a mix of hot power and Zero88 dimmed channels.

Loadings & rigging points had to be carefully considered, as such Audio Light Systems assisted the structural engineers design the fixing elements throughout the space.

Beam steering technology was the perfect choice for this project. Audio control, limited space & full FOH audio for live music were the three main reasons for the beam steering system. Stuart at Soundscape provide the sound mapping and system design for the Fohhn system including a twin beam system and sub cluster.

Multiple Samsung commercial screens and a Panasonic laser projector with tab tensioned screen provide the video displays with an Kramer HD matrix & control providing the source control.

Systems in place: