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Building wide BGM, paging, video & digital signage plus beam steering columns, fibre optic & effecting lighting, system integration, outdoor systems & finally video conferencing!

Deigned, supplied and installed by ALS the entire systems is controlled via the Extron control system. Which consists of 200+ speakers, 50+ screens, 3x Fohhn beam steering systems, 32 channels of amplifier, building wide Dante, 5x Dance Studio systems plus the digital signage.

The remit high level spec called for high quality audio & video through the new centre. One of the main challenges included the 3 large indoor areas – Hall 1, Hall 2 & the indoor running track. Fohhn DLI330s & DLI230 were the obvious choice, with a range of 50 meters from a single column coverage was able to be achieved while maintaining coherency & quality music playback.

Audio input is via the Yamaha Dante system, therefore audio can be injected into the systems via any data socket anywhere in the building. There are also dedicated Dante input panels throughout.

The Samsung digital signage screens offered excellent picture quality with the signage processor built in. The Samsung screens were married up to the Signage Live system to give flexibility & ease of use for the end user. ALS & the client agreed this was a very clean solution.