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As the global Covid-19 pandemic pushed so many of us into working from home, we very quickly became familiar with connecting our colleagues, friends and family via video conferencing platforms.
Zoom and Microsoft teams calls, previously reserved for overseas clients have become very commonplace. Not only do virtual meetings save on time and costs, they still enable the all important face to face interaction as well as screen sharing.
Whether you’re a lawyer consulting a client or an HR Manager rolling out training programmes to teams, video conferencing is here to stay, so it’s time to embrace it! You need to ensure that you’re set up in a sleek and professional way that not only reflects your brand but delivers on a technical level and meets clients expectations.
Audio Light Systems are able to take you through the whole process of setting up your video conferencing facilities, from presenting you with initial concepts, recommending the best solutions to suit your needs and to ensuring the lighting and interiors are conducive to your meetings.
Here are our top tips when preparing for installing (or improving) your video conferencing:
1 – What do you need?
Do you need to be able to present to multiple users across the business, do you require multiple screens? By assessing what your requirements are we can quickly present you with the best solutions.
2 – Which platform will you use?
Decide whether you’re going to be using Microsoft Teams or Zoom. This is critical as the software is bespoke to each.
3 – Screen size
Again your requirements as well as room size will dictate this. Wall mounted or a mobile unit? Do you need to have two screens so that you can use one as a touch screen/whiteboard during meetings?
4 – Lighting and ambience
Critical to a user friendly environment – we want to ensure the room works for you whatever the time of day.