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The Theatre Royal Newcastle were given the go ahead to replace there long lasting dimmer system with 5 ETC Sensor racks and a additional 4 sine wave packs. After a long process of decision making Audio Light Systems were chosen as the installation company for the project.
During the same period the theatre was also undergoing a re-wire which also had to incorporate into the dimmer installation. Audio Light Systems design engineering team had to be incorporated into the installation to allow a smooth transition from the old to the new.
Andy Main (Theatre Royal, Newcastle) commented “A very impressive installation!”

The theatre’s new dimming system is formed of five 48-way ETC Sensor racks populated with 170 3kW RCD dimmers, 19 5kW RCD dimmers and 34 3kW contactor modules, plus an additional four six-way SineWave wall-mounted dimmer packs.



The control system is now based around a 4,000-channel ETC Eos console, with a matching RPU backup and a smaller ETC Ion console. DMX output from the console’s network output is generated using two ETC Net3 4-way Gateways, each offering four DMX outputs and four DMX inputs, and six ETC Net3 3-way touring Gateways, each with twin DMX outputs. A network PC allows dimmer monitoring and remote console operation, while a Net3 Radio Remote Focus unit allows easy channel control from the stage.