University of St Andrews Younger Hall

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Design, supply & Installation


University of St Andrews

Specialist design

Audio Light Systems

M&E Consultant


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University of St Andrews

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FOH audio system

Design, supply & Installation

After some time of deliberation the famous Younger Hall at St Andrews University has opted for a JBL CBT (Constant Beamwidth Technology) system installed by Audio Light Systems ltd.

Throughout the year the hall provides the venue for world famous ceremonies and requires exceptional quality & clarity to meet the demands that such a space requires.

The JBL CBT speakers are particularly well suited to this type of system with their Asymmetrical vertical coverage & vertical pattern coverage switchable between 45° and 25°.

This provided Audio Light Systems the opportunity to design a system with accurate sound coverage using the flatter dispersion for the long throw balcony speakers reducing reflections.

“The system really sounded clear & solid but also had a very minimal impact on an architecturally sensitive hall.”

Steve AitchisonSenior Project Engineer, Audio Light Systems